Lease a StyleShoots Machine

Get all of the benefits now, pay periodically.


MockShop turns business intelligence into a visual. Our software streamlines the visual merchandising process, stomps on miscommunication between staff and head office, and keeps revenue at the forefront of any visual merchandising decision.

Essentially, MockShop is a database of your product lines, all cleverly linked to individual images of the items. It allows you to put entire product lines into a manageable perspective – then you simply drag and drop to build the store of your dreams in 3D. Share the resulting ‘planogram’ with your team, for a clear, undisputed direction on the layout you want.

Retailers tell us what used to take them weeks now takes just days and using ShopShape great helps aid in store compliance.

Even better, by linking stats and values to product images, revenue and profitability can be front of mind during visual merchandising.


Real Studio, Real Photoshoots

  • Be prepared and complete your VM plan before stock arrives, using photos of samples or CAD drawings.

  • Share ‘planogram’ PDFs or images easily with staff for consistent execution and customer experience across all stores.

  • Visual range analysis enables filtration of product collections based on criteria such as colour, price and type. No more spreadsheets - gain a complete visual overview of your product ranges.


Connect the Dots - The Technical Side

  • Create unlimited 3D stores and use the easy drag-and-drop interface to plan effectively.

  • Includes all of your fixtures, shelving, products and graphics for an accurate representation.

  • Images, 3D objects and sketches can be easily imported using your existing data, and then linked to each product. Search your product range by colour, style, season or profit margin.


Workflow Optimisation & Space Planning

  • By linking stats & figures to products, it’s easier for employees to make the right decision around stock choice and revenue lines.

  • Use the product information to plan your layout to turnover the products you need to (ie profit, season or levels of stock).

  • Use your backend information from the database to guide your future-planning decisions.