StyleShoots Live

Quick Start Guide



Start up StyleShoots Live

  1. Unlock the iPad and tap the StyleShoots App.

  2. Tap the + to create a new Outfit

  3. Take an overview photo, select a model, draw a product zone and select your presets.


Record a video

  1. Select shot from the Shot List.

  2. Tap the Record button and record the clip.

  3. Complete all the shots in the list. Videos are edited automatically on the fly.


Take Photos

  1. Tap the Photo/Video toggle in the lower right corner to enter Photo mode.

  2. Tap the blue photo button to take a picture.

  3. Watch as the images appear in the Gallery on the left side of the screen.


Review and Export

  1. Tap on a photo or video in the Gallery on the left side of the screen to review them.

  2. Go back to the Outfits screen and tap Export…

  3. Choose an export destination and tap Export to transfer your videos and photos.