Opening Live View

From the Photos screen, tap the Camera icon to open Live View

Using Live View

Live View is where you spend most of your time when using StyleShoots. It is where you style your products, control lighting, and take photos. It's also here that you name your photos and add them to Photos for later export.

You can always see how many photos you have pending by looking in the upper left corner of the screen. The number of photos is shown in brackets ( ) next to < Photos.

Rotating Live View

Use two fingers to rotate Live View so that your product appears right side up. StyleShoots will apply the rotation to the final photos.

Adjusting exposure

If your product has very light colors, you should step the exposure down. Preserve detail in bright products by underexposing the image a bit. For dark products, try increasing the exposure.

To adjust exposure:

  1. To make the image darker, tap the Small Sun icon.

  2. To make the image brighter, tap the Large Sun icon.

Light Controller

All StyleShoots machines from 2015 and forward come with a world class lighting system where you can  manipulate the global balance of light simply by moving your finger over Live View.

To adjust the lighting:

  1. Tap the Lighting icon.

  2. Tap a preset to move the light to that position - or go directly to step 3.

  3. Tap and slide the Puck to move the light balance.

  4. Tap and hold to invoke the Lock popover.

  5. Tap the switch to lock or unlock the Puck position.

Tip: Make a few key light styles that you can use again and again to ensure consistency in your images. The light position works independently from exposure. Use both as tools to achieve great results.


  1. Tap + to zoom in on details.

  2. Tap - to zoom out.

Tip: Zooming causes the elements inside the lens elements to move, bringing your image out of focus. StyleShoots reminds you to re-focus whenever you have zoomed.


  1. Tap anywhere on Live View to focus on that area. Once you tap, a circle will pulsate during focus, and lock down when done.

  2. If the system can't focus, try tapping a nearby area of the image with more contrast.

You will be reminded to focus whenever you have zoomed, since zooming causes elements inside the lens to move.


Overlays are very helpful to help you stay consistent when styling.

To enable a grid Overlay:

  1. Tap the Overlays icon.

  2. Tap Grid.

To enable an image Overlay:

  1. Tap the Overlays icon.

  2. Tap Image.

  3. Select the overlay you want to use.

    If you want to add a new image to Overlays, you can add it from the Photos

To disable an Overlay:

  1. Tap on the Overlays icon.

  2. Tap Off.

Taking a photo

Tap the Camera icon to take a photo.

StyleShoots will capture multiple images, analyze every pixel and cut away the background. After a few seconds you'll see a preview of the final photo, unless you have Auto Naming enabled.

Naming your photo

As soon as StyleShoots is done taking a photo, a preview will be shown in the Name screen.

The Name screen will not appear if Auto naming is turned on.

  1. Type a name in the Name field or use the iPad to scan a barcode.

  2. Tap the Category field to choose one of your predefined categories. If the field is missing you can enable Categories in Settings

  3. Tap Add to Photos. The button will say Export if Auto Export is enabled, in which case your photo will be exported straight away to a preset target storage.

Live View will reappear so you can continue working on the next product.