Naming conventions

Your exported images are saved to their target volume (USB or StyleShoots Drive) with a specific naming format.

Here are two examples:



Example 1: Scarf_web.JPG

Name entered in the Name screen: Scarf

Category selected: none

Duplicate counter (if needed): this file is not duplicate

Preset name: web

File type: JPG



Example 2: Hat_top+1_web.PNG

Name entered in the Name screen: Hat

Category selected: Top

Duplicate counter (if needed): this is the first duplicate

preset name: web

file type: PNG

Locating your photos

Your StyleShoots files are exported to your external storage device within the following folder levels:
        Target volume
             ↳ STYLESHOOTS
                ↳ subfolder 
                    ↳ file
To locate a file, simply open the STYLESHOOTS folder on your storage device and open the folder where the file is saved.


USB storage device

StyleShoots comes with a USB stick that you can use when exporting your photos. You can also use other USB storage devices with StyleShoots.


StyleShoots Drive

If your StyleShoots is set in Network Mode, you can export to the internal StyleShoots Drive.

StyleShoots Drive can be set up to be accessible via your company network.

If you occasionally need to take a few pictures that shouldn't be available via the network, just insert a USB device and export your photos there instead.


Network Mode

StyleShoots must be connected to the internet to provide full support and enable remote software updates.

Please refer to the section Network Requirements.