Meet StyleShoots Eclipse

StyleShoots Eclipse is an all-in-one “smart machine” designed to enable brands and studios to create both crisp stills and cinematic videos of footwear products. 

We know how important speed to market is. That’s why with Eclipse, StyleShoots introduced a new “Sequence” feature - videos and stills are automatically captured and edited at a press of a button and are ready for publishing on online stores and social media in minutes. 

The Eclipse machine is designed to provide fashion brands and their creatives with a solution that enables them to save valuable resources like time and finances when doing footwear photoshoots as well as give them creative freedom. It is the perfect tool for photographers and studio managers who want high-quality, consistent results, fast.


The Inspiration

StyleShoots noticed how other so-called “light boxes” or “360 solutions” out there often have a DIY aspect to them. They lack certain features like sophistication, refinement, ease of use and intelligence. Such products tend to light the product from all angles creating a very basic look with light bleeding around all the edges. We knew we could create a much better solution. 

Another inspiring aspect is that fashion brands want to show their shoes in a lifestyle setting with exciting lighting and background colors that fit their brand image. That is simply because their brand image is what makes them stand out and can make them market leaders.

That’s why the Eclipse design focused on creating something different that actually provides creatives with the ultimate, all-in-one solution to make the work of creatives in the fashion industry as easy and efficient as possible. 

The Solution

Eclipse was built to be the ultimate tool for video and stills of footwear.  It does not replace the photographer or the studio manager or the stylist - on the contrary, it serves them.

For one, the machine saves time and money and offers efficiency. Secondly, it gives photographers the option to create consistent images and cinematic videos, all in HQ for half the time they normally would.

It also enables them to have complete creative freedom. With advanced robotics and integrated computing power, the machine handles all the technical duties like moving the camera, compositing video, color management, and file exporting. It allows for customizable lighting, colored backdrops, and stylish props. That way the photographer can focus on getting the shots he or she wants. 

In addition, based on user edited templates, the machine automatically moves the camera, captures videos and outputs high-res videos ready for publishing. One click, and the system takes care of everything from shooting and lighting to editing and exporting. 

Eclipse has some pretty impressive tech, features and capabilities. But the creativity, the soul of the pictures and the look of the products will all depend on the photographer, their taste and their creative skills.

You can have the most expensive equipment in the world, the nicest products and the most efficient crew out there but if there’s no experienced photographer on set, the outcome will not be pristine. That’s why StyleShoots Eclipse only makes the job of the photographer easier but it cannot possibly replace them in any way. 

What makes Eclipse different?

Like with all StyleShoots machines, Eclipse is powered by pro Apple and Canon technology. 

Extra attention has been paid towards ergonomics when creating Eclipse because our goal is to improve and optimize the workflow of photographers, studio managers, and stylists when they’re shooting footwear products. The countertop-working height is integral to the entire geometry of the movement and robotics. 

To make the process even more efficient and to offer flexibility to photographers, we made sure that there’s full access for changing backdrops and props. The side doors swing upwards on gas dampers, giving full-width access to freely change backdrop and create any type of set design.

No other solution out there provides full access for adjustments while closing up completely into a white, isolated cove. This makes Eclipse stand out and provides a new, efficient tool for producing high-quality results within a short time frame.

Sam ClodeStyleShoots