How to photograph boots on a tabletop

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to style and shoot a pair of women’s boots from a variety of angles

The key to photographing boots is knowing the best angles to use. In this product photography tutorial, we will give you an overview of several ways to style and photograph a pair of boots for your web store, lookbook or catalogue.

To learn how to photograph and style boots from a variety of angles, read on. But first, let’s run through the essential tools you’ll need:

Here’s the equipment you’ll need

  • Camera – Any camera will suffice but a Canon EOS 5D Mk III is recommended as a standard for professional product photography

  • Studio lighting – Continuous cool LED lamps are recommended to ensure exposure, shadows and contrast are kept consistent

  • Your boots

  • Compressed air – Spraying canned air on your boots is invaluable in getting rid of pesky dust particles without marking the leather

  • Double sided tape – Double sided tape is useful for keeping zippers and other hardware in place

  • Regular tape – In lieu of an overlay, any variety of tape will do. Use it to mark positions and maintain consistency when shooting multiple items.

  • Tissue paper – Depending on the type of boots, stuffing them with tissue helps keep shape and structure


Taking a 3/4 shot

1. Set the position of your boots

Making sure that the boots are clean and all labels are concealed, place the left boot parallel to the back of the tabletop and the right boot at 3/4 angle.

When photographing footwear, you need to keep it consistent across your whole website.

To do so, use tape to mark where the heels and toes of the boots are on your tabletop or use overlays to ensure the perspective remains the same.


2. Add structure and shape

Boots come in all sizes and materials, and it’s important to make sure you’re shooting them in their best shape.

If necessary, you can stuff them with a bit of tissue paper to maintain structure.

Make sure to spray the boots with compressed air to get rid of dust particles.


3. Style any zippers or hardware

Use small pieces of double-sided tape to delicately position any zippers, hardware or other adornments.


And shoot…


Taking a back shot

1. Set the position of your boots

Turn the boots around so that you’re now shooting them from the back.

Place the left boot parallel to the left edge of the tabletop and the right boot pointing out slightly, just as it was in your 3/4 angle shot.


2. Style the details

To maintain consistency, arrange the structure of the boots and style any hardware.


And shoot…


Taking a profile shot

1. Position one of your boots

Place the right boot so that it is parallel to the front edge of the tabletop.

The full length of the outside of the boot should be visible.


2. Style the details

Just like above, be sure to maintain consistent shape and styling.


And shoot…


Taking a detail shot

1. Position one of your boots

For your detail shots, you will be working with only one boot.

You’ll need to identify the relevant details and adjust positions accordingly.

For example, in order to photograph just the toe of the boot, prop it upright and zoom in for the closeup.


2. Spray with canned air to remove dust

Before taking detail shots, remember to give the boot a few sprays with some canned air to make sure it isn’t marked or blemished with any unwanted dust particles.


And shoot…