How video helps fashion brands sell more online

Consumers respond well to high quality product images – yet they respond even better to a more immersive, multi-medial shopping experience with video content.
Why? Here’s 10 stats showing how video is helping brands sell more online:


73% more visitors who watch videos of your products will buy them ¹

Videos convert more consumers into customers. This statistic is undeniably the most important for all fashion brands and retailers who want to increase their digital sales. How? The rest of the numbers we’ve pulled together should help shine a light on this crucial bottom line.

57% are less surprised when receiving products after having seen a video and will be less likely to return ²

Because video shows clothes from multiple angles and how lighting dynamically interacts with the fabric, shoppers can gain a better impression of the texture, fit and color. This makes them less surprised when their package arrives and less likely to return the product. It may all be down to…

64% of consumers say the main thing missing from online shopping is ‘touch and feel’ ³

Touching clothes and trying them on is a big reason why brick and mortar retail continues to thrive. Some discerning shoppers need to feel or try the product on. Compared to a still life image, showing high quality videos of your products is the closest you can get to bridging that gap. Your potential customers get a much more tangible offer.

52% of shoppers are more confident in their purchases when shopping with video content ²

A more confident shopper is a shopper that is more willing to spend. Showing the product in a live environment makes it feel more real and breeds confidence in the brand. A confident shopper knowing they’re getting a quality product means a higher spend, increased loyalty, and a genuinely heightened customer satisfaction. It all goes in the basket.

58% of shoppers think companies with video content can be more trusted ¹

More consumer confidence means more consumer trust. But sometimes trust can only be achieved after a shopper has completed a positive transaction. With video content, you can begin to build that trust the moment they land on your landing page. A brand that is not willing to compromise on production values is one that can be trusted to deliver quality products time and time again.

127% of increase in pages visited on sites with video content ⁴

With hundreds, even thousands, of products on your site just waiting to be shipped out, you want to make sure they’re seen. Because video is a more engaging and emotionally captivating medium that consumers want to see more of, you increase the amount of pages visited on your site. That’s a pretty good side effect.

81% more time is spent on sites from consumer audiences watching a video ³

One of the key metrics all digital marketers and eCommerce managers look at is how long consumers are spending browsing their site’s content.

Why? Increasing average time spent ups your site’s rank in Google search results and shows your offer catches consumer interest. It also means your customers have more time to fill their digital basket, explore the brand, and discover new products. Which conveniently brings us to…

62% of consumers discover new products through watching videos on their social news feeds ⁴

…product discovery. Combined with the ubiquity of social media, video can expose your products to users who weren’t even actively searching for them. Instagram and Facebook have been leading the trend in social media shopping – helped by their treasure troves of audience data. Brands can create videos targeted at only the most relevant audiences and have them shared across even more consumer feeds. More video means more exposure for your products. Period.

41% more search traffic to sites using video compared to those without video ³

And what’s discussing product discovery without talking about how the likes of Google searches come into play? Google updates its secret search algorithms constantly to serve users with the best, most relevant content. But it’s no secret that Google loves integrating video into results. Video keeps viewers interest longer – telling the search bots that the user has found what they’re looking for. It’s a two way street that only receives more traffic when video content is thrown into the mix.

49% increase in revenue for companies using video compared to those without ⁵

It is a little bit over the top to say your company will increase its revenue by half if you start using video in your marketing. Well, that’s according to consultancy firm Aberdeen Group at least. But the simple point it illustrates is that companies live and die by their adaptation to the market landscape – and video is becoming a stronger force in the eCommerce and omnichannel world each year. It’s no surprise that companies are already seeing a return on their investment in video production.

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