LookDepot brings StyleShoots Live to Australasia


We are excited to announce that LookDepot has been confirmed as an official distributor of the incredible new StyleShoots Live machine.

StyleShoots Live is the most exciting technology release for retailers in years. The fully automated system captures still life and high-resolution video and automatically exports it, ready for online and social media channels.

You can use this machine to produce high-quality video for websites, digital signage for bricks and mortar stores, and content for YouTube channels, Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts and more. It produces fully edited video content within 5 minutes – without any need for a photographer, videographer or editing suite. It’s incredible!

LookDepot has the exclusive distribution licence for the StyleShoots Live systems for Australasia and Singapore markets. The first systems are due in New Zealand in August.

To see StyleShoots Live in action, contact Andy or book a web demo HERE. To find out more about the Live machine and just what it can do, head HERE