How StyleShoots Eclipse Streamlines Content Production

LookDepot Managing Director Andy Mackie answers some quick-fire questions about the latest innovation in product photography, the StyleShoots Eclipse machine.

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What types of content are brands getting the most success from?

Video is by far the most impactful in terms of the key metrics we look at for online stores on conversion, time spent on site and building brand trust. For social media, video is now almost an expectation and we'll see more as the digital channels continue to converge. 

What are the main technological differences between Eclipse and the Vertical Machine?

From a hardware perspective, StyleShoots Eclipse uses Canon's new mirrorless EOS R camera and software that allows you to export fully edited stills and video in minutes. All ready for e-commerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and digital signage. It’s also the ideal set up to house and capture video and photographic content for small-medium sized products.
Our StyleShoots Vertical machine captures incredibly detailed product imagery using its Canon 5D Mark IV and 70-200 L lens combined with our auto-alpha software Vertical exports ghosted product imagery perfect for online and PR. StyleShoots Vertical is a specialist for clear-cut ghost product photography. This machine better suits slightly larger products and clothing on ghost mannequins. It’s for any products that looks great upright and an essential piece of equipment for any business needing near-instant clear cut ghost photos.

A traditional studio set up with similar capture capability to StyleShoots Eclipse is complicated, requires professional expertise and the content still needs significant post production work for each product. In what ways does StyleShoots Eclipse speed up and improve the content creation process?

Eclipse uses a combination of hardware and software to create content across 4 axes. Once you've set up your video templates and photo framings once, Eclipse helps you repeat them with consistency.
By tapping the Sequence button on the iPad, the system moves the camera, records clips, edits them together and delivers a finished result in minutes. Trying to replicate this set up time and time again in a studio is a huge task that is unlikely to look anywhere near as consistent in quality.

How can brands apply their own aesthetic to imagery taken from their StyleShoots Eclipse Machine?

Eclipse provides brands complete creative freedom with the ability to use either an infinity cove or flat background or props using any range of coloured or printed backgrounds. All you need is a great idea for a backdrop and have access to a great printer, or be handy with scissors.

StyleShoots Eclipse has been made with ergonomics in mind, what are the key features that make ongoing use so much easier?

Utilising a small footprint and ideal working height, StyleShoots Eclipse has easy accessibility with dual sideways swinging doors and large side doors opening upwards. No more back bending, you can bring racks or tables near to the machine so your workflow is fast and efficient.

The big question, approximately how much content could a brand expect to be able to output per day with an Eclipse Machine? 

Brands can expect to create 4 to 5 stills and a video in a matter of minutes. We have customers that are capturing 100 + products a day creating still and video imagery fully edited and ready for use.

Sam Clode