StyleShoots Live

Outfit Composer Guide



Using Outfit Composer

Outfit Composer is where you spend most of your time when using StyleShoots. It is here that you record videos, take photos and review captured content.

On the left side of the screen is the Gallery. Here you see all the photos and videos created for the Outfit.

On the right side of the screen is Live View. You can be in either Video mode or Photo mode. Toggle between the modes using the button in the lower right corner.


Video mode

Video mode is where you, the model and StyleShoots work together through a list of shots to create a multitude of videos is a short amount of time.

Based on the selected Video Presets and highlighted products, StyleShoots automatically generates a list of recordings required to automatically edit all the required videos.

  1. Tap a shot in the Shot List on the right side of Live View. The section expands to reveal details about camera framing, style and mood of the shot. The camera automatically moves to the right starting position.

  2. Tap the red Record button to initiate recording. The system counts down and then starts the recording. The model should start moving prior to the start of the recording for a natural appearance in the final video.

  3. Once the shot has been recorded, a green check mark appears.

As you work your way through the Shot List, you will see the videos in the Gallery on the left of the screen start completing.

Tip: If you are unhappy with a particular shot, you can re-record it. Tap and hold the green checkmark to toggle it into a record button. Then, tap the Record button to discard the original recording and make a new one.


Photo mode

Photo mode allows you to take as many or few photos as you want.

Use the Framings feature to quickly move the camera between predefined positions. You can fully configure your own Framings in Settings.

  1. Tap a framing preset in the Framings list on the right side of Live View. The camera quickly moves, tilts and zooms to the preset positions.

  2. Tap the model to focus. You must re-focus whenever either the camera, lens or model have moved.

  3. Tap the Photo button to take a photo. You will see the photo appearing in the Gallery on the left side of the screen.

Tip: Tap-and-drag the Photo button to place it in a comfortable position for you to easily tap it repeatedly, even without looking at the screen.


View Framing names

You can now see the names of all your framings, so you know which one to select before making the camera move into position. You can change the names of framings in Settings > Framings.

  1. Tap and hold on any of the framing icons to make the labels appear.

  2. While holding down your finger, slide to the framing you want to select.

  3. Release your finger on the desired framing.

Tip: To avoid changing framing, release your finger on the framing that was already selected. The already selected framing has a darker background.


Light Controller

StyleShoots machines come with a world class lighting system where you can adjust light and exposure with a touch of your finger.

Tip: Make and save a few light presets and use them again and again for consistency.

To adjust the lighting:

  1. Tap the Light icon in the upper right corner of Live View to reveal the light drawer.

  2. Tap the preset numbers you want to modify - or go directly to step 3.

  3. Slide your finger within the rectangular fields to modify the light. Move your finger along the middle of the rectangle to keep the balance straight and only modify intensity. Move your finger towards the ends of the rectangle to modify the balance.

  4. The top and side lights can be altered for both intensity and balance. The bottom light can be altered only in intensity.

  5. Use the exposure slider at the bottom of the screen to alter the camera exposure.

  6. To prevent accidental changes, tap the Lock icon. Locked presets are marked with a white outline in the light drawer at the top of the screen.



StyleShoots will automatically re-focus on the center of the image whenever the camera has moved to a new framing preset or has prepared for a video recording.

To manually focus:

  1. Tap anywhere on Live View to focus on that area. Once you tap, a white square will appear during focus, and turn green when focus is done.

  2. If the system can't focus, try tapping a nearby area with more contrast.


Manual camera movement

In Photo mode you can adjust the camera position, tilt and zoom manually if necessary. In most cases though, you will be moving the camera via preset shortcuts - by tapping a shot in Video mode or a framing preset in Photo mode.

Use gestures on the Live View move the camera:

  1. Swipe up/down to move the camera vertically.

  2. Pinch in/out zoom.

  3. Swipe up/down with two fingers to tilt.


Viewing videos

Once all the shots for a video have been recorded, the video will auto-complete and become available for review.

Videos with missing shots indicate in percentage how complete they are. Once a video has a thumbnail and play icon, it can be viewed.

  1. Tap the video you want to view. The video auto plays in a loop on the right side of the screen.

  2. Swipe down on the video to exit review mode.


Viewing photos

  1. Tap a photo in the Gallery on the left side of the screen. It will then appear on the right.

  2. You can pinch to zoom in and out.

  3. Swipe left or right on the large photo to browse.

  4. Tap-and-slide across images in the Gallery to quickly scan through many photos.

  5. Swipe down on the right side of the screen to exit review mode.

Tip: To compare a detail on two different images, tap the first one and zoom in on the detail. Then tap the second image. The zoom level and focus area are retained to allow easy comparison of for instance a facial expression or product detail.


Deleting Photos in an Outfit

After taking a lot of photos during a session, you can select which ones to keep and which ones to discard. Images marked for deletion will be permanently deleted once you do an Export.

  1. Tap a photo in the Gallery to view it large.

  2. Tap the blue checkmark in the lower right hand corner to mark it for deletion.

Images marked for deletion are shown as faded out in the Gallery.

Tip: Swipe up on the large image to toggle it between marked for deletion and marked for export. So you don't have to tap the checkmark in the lower right hand corner.