StyleShoots Live

The Smart Model Photo & Video Studio


Create live model stills and video without a camera crew to give your customers the moving footage they demand.

StyleShoots’ smart studio is designed to create instantly-edited videos and stills in minutes. All you need is one user and one model. Advanced robotics and AI technology lets the StyleShoots Live machine handle all technical duties usually performed by a camera crew such as lighting, file coding, editing and shot set-up. StyleShoots Live will improve the quality, speed and efficiency of your production for e-commerce, social media and digital signage imagery.


Watch How StyleShoots Live works

Keep your customers engaged with fresh content every day – share video on social media for the most powerful form of storytelling. Create video and stills campaigns that can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and websites within minutes, without any need for manual editing or post-production. It’s especially effective for fashion retailers who can show their garments in motion.


Top Quality Output

With a 4K capable Canon EOS 1DX Mk II embedded inside the machine, you get unrivalled quality in stills and video.


Saved for Sharing

Format video and photos within minutes to your preset style, ratio and dimensions. All you need to do is publish.


Complete Creative Freedom

Get the perfect look with touch-controlled, directional lighting and fully customizable flooring and backdrops.


Colour-matched Video & Stills

By being shot on the same set,  your stills and videos are colour matched so you don’t need extra post-production.


Seamless File Management

With StyleShoots Live, your photos and videos are saved based on product and model. All you need to do is access the network folder.


Single User Operation

Using the included iPad Pro 12.9-inch,  control every element of the setup and see the results in glorious detail.


What you’ll end up with:

The proprietary software controls the movements, camera and lights to produce the desired footage based on fully customizable preset styles. It handles cutting, aspect ratios, transitions and effects, automatically editing your footage for instant review and exporting it to multiple platforms in the formats you need.

  • 62% of consumers discover new products through watching videos on their social news feeds

  • 73% more visitors who watch videos of your products will buy them

  • 57% are less surprised when receiving products after having seen a video and will be less likely to return


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Want to see it in action without having to travel? We’d love to run you through how these machines work.