Our Story

The first ecommerce transaction took place in 1994 and since then the expectations have shifted exponentially. Today ecommerce interactions for most customers are part of an omni-channel experience. To research, browse, shop, and purchase seamlessly between different devices and on different platforms is now a vital requirement for any brand. 

The in-store shopping experience has seen its own transformation, remains irreplaceable and is now complimentary to online. Customers expect more personalisation, differentiation and storytelling to enhance their engagement. More content is needing to be created, in less time and with cost effective processes.

So what is our piece in all of this change?

Our Profoto StyleShoots™ machines are built for ecommerce studios. Compact automated photography machines including built-in lights, software, iPads and cameras that deliver an all-in-one content production process. 

Our visual merchandising software enables retailers to manage and sort entire collections visually and plan within 3D stores. This software delivers Visual Merchandising guidelines to individual stores for more efficient execution and simple compliance feedback. 

“We are changing the way ecommerce retail is enabled for the better. It’s clear to see that what customers are after more than anything is a holistic experience. Something that brings together the physical aspects with the digital. The future of retail commerce is now.”
- Andy Mackie, Founder of LookDepot