StyleShoots Game Changer for A.K.Rikks

16,000+ products on sale, an in-house studio based on StyleShoots. Five Machines, two Live, a Horizontal, Vertical and Eclipse.

A. K. Rikk’s is a luxury retailer that specialises in men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories as well as home decor. Located in Michigan’s Grand Rapids, their customers vary from a younger audience interested in casual trends to an older crowd that wants to project a more professional, sophisticated appearance. The store is home to over 16,000 different products. This diverse selection prompted A.K. Rikk’s to take the plunge in 2015 and start investing in e-commerce. In the beginning, they did very small scale product and shoe photography, but soon enough realised that wasn’t going to be scalable in a market with an ever-growing demand for quality content.

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“We saw Eclipse and for us it was a no-brainer”

- Adam McKeague, Manager of Technology and Design at A.K.Rikk’s

Shoes, eyeglasses, bags… All these items are challenging to shoot. There’s plenty of reasons for that. Due to variation of styles, sizes and materials that bags, shoes and accessories have, it makes these products much more problematic to shoot in a correct way. Typically, for a successful footwear photoshoot, you would need some sort of a light-reflective surface, camera, studio lighting, diffuser, reflector, tripods, software for editing, etc.

Combining all of these elements into one product gave birth the Eclipse the powerful plug-and-play machine that enables you to capture, edit and export stills and videos of shoes and accessories within minutes.

For A.K. Rikk’s, implementing this all-in-one automated tool has become a “game-changer”. Using the turntable and the 4 axes of robotic camera movement lets them get the ideal crisp wrap around shot. By using the Sequence feature, they are able to capture stunning product videos of their items with a single click of a button. They later use this content for their website and social.

“You can get the same angles, same lighting, at the click of a button. 45 seconds and Eclipse will go through 6 different shots and automatically edits the videos together and saves a ton of time in post.”

- Adam McKeague, Manager of Technology and Design at A.K.Rikk’s