How Accent Group scaled their ecommerce photography operations

With over 500 stores, 19 brands and over 20 online platforms, Accent Group’s need for content is huge. We spoke to Christina Lawson, eCommerce Photography Manager about how working with LookDepot has helped increase business efficiencies.

What were the business requirements when looking to partner with LookDepot?

Accent Group were acquiring more brands at the time, and so we were looking to efficiently scale up our ecommerce photography operations. We were also in the process of upgrading our websites to be able to host video content and so were looking for solutions so that we could produce product videography in-house.

How was the production of Accent Group’s content operated/run beforehand?

We had a mix of solutions across the business, including manually shooting footwear on a product table or apparel flat lay on the floor, as well as using an outdated photobooth at one of our warehouses. We have since consolidated our ecommerce photography to the one location and have upgraded to using two of the StyleShoots Eclipse Machines and the StyleShoots Horizontal Machine.

How did you find out about LookDepot’s service and product?

We found LookDepot online while researching alternate ecommerce photography solutions. We were impressed by the machine’s capabilities, specifically the auto-editing feature, as well as LookDepot’s notable list of clients and their positive testimonials.

How did you find working with the LookDepot team?

The team at LookDepot are fabulous. They are highly attentive, knowledgeable, and responsive. Our experience has been very positive and seamless from start to end.

How have you integrated the product/service into the business?

The photobooths have been integrated into the business seamlessly and without disruption to the delivery of content to the ecommerce teams, despite the increase in Accent Group’s brands and product content requirements.

What do you see as the main benefits of the technology?

The ability to create profiles and presets is highly advantageous in achieving the consistency in which we strive for. The user-friendly interface means we can upskill anyone into operating the machines, and the motorized belt that moves the camera minimises the physical toll that manual shooting requires.

Do you believe that the technology has allowed Accent Group’s many brands to create consistent stills and video assets? If so, how?

Absolutely. The level of consistency and volume that the machines allow us to achieve is top tier. Our turnaround times are as little as same day, which is instrumental in our goal to achieve speed to market.

Was there anything outside of the known benefits that surprised you, and has helped business efficiency?

The scan feature that allows to scan QR codes to name each product image has been a huge gamechanger. Not only does it make naming each product 10x faster, but it also removes the possibility of human error.

Flare and Vega videos are also very impressive, removing the need for any post production as the smart software slices together each frame completely autonomously.

What positive influence have you seen across the board since partnering with LookDepot? (ie. sale increase, consumer engagement/experience, brand consistency/integrity)

Since partnering with LookDepot, we have seen an increase in the consistency and quality of the still images we produce and has enabled us to create video content, which in turn has increased the time customers spend on site and is positively driving site conversions.