Always be Consistent

The average revenue increases by 33% when brands present consistency. 

Brands that are presented consistently are 3-4 times more likely to experience brand visibility. 


Getting the basics right will always help you compete in retail, and the easiest way to create a better E-commerce experience is to be consistent. Consistency helps customers understand what your product does, showcases it in its best light and sets you up for success. 

Images shot with the same framings, lighting and angles will create a more professional look for your online store. Not only does consistency look more professional, but it helps your customers shop with less distraction. A better and more relaxed shopping experience. 

So, how do we help you achieve consistency? 

STORM is a great example of how using our Live Machine ensures consistent On-Model content, season to season. 

  • Saved presets
    Set up your presets and press save! Lighting, framings and zoom are saved for all future visits. Replicate the exact set-up season to season.
  • Colour accuracy
    The powerful Canon DSLR cameras deliver accurate colours. Plus with your stills and video all shot on the same set, they will always match. Combined, these accurate product representations give your customers consistent experiences, whilst building trust and reducing return rates.
  • Instantly-edited videos and stills
    Advanced technology means the machine will handle all the technical duties. Your videos will always be edited the same way, timing and framings are always consistent with no post production required.