Engaging with Experts: Inspired by Data

Engaging with Experts. Part two: Inspired by Data.

Today we chat with Dave Hughes, Founder of Evolve Business Insights, about how data can drive decision making. With 20 years experience across a number of retail and technology businesses, Dave has developed a broad capability and proven track record of results. His business is all about people and a passion for data, enjoying the ability to learn and transform. It’s never been more relevant to use data insights to improve business outcomes. Learn more as Dave hares in-depth insights, experiences and knowledge. Watch the full video now:

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“I’ve always been inspired by data. Being inspired by data is the ability to look at something and analyse it.”

- Dave Hughes, Founder of Evolve Business Insights

Every week we will be engaging with an expert in their field. We are proud to share our amazing network of experts, who have taken time to share their experiences and knowledge with the hope of helping you build stronger strategies, processes and brand stories. Stay connected. Part three coming soon!

“Use data to drive your business. The way I’d look at a business, is look at the biggest costs. The biggest will be Marketing, inventory, supply chain and people. Pick one of those, pick your largest pain point. Most people are training online, and there is potential wastage from a funnel point of view you’re losing sales. What data would you use to control that and to get insight into what’s going on. Having a good insight, something like Google Analytics, track your conversion rate and see where the sales are dropping off.”

- Dave Hughes, Founder of Evolve Business Insights