Meet StyleShoots Eclipse - Your all-in-one content solution.

Meet your all-in-one content solution. Our StyleShoots Eclipse Machine is a true prodigy in both creative and ecommerce photography and 360 video, all in one self-contained package ideal for small-medium sized products. StyleShoots Eclipse uses a silky smooth 4-Axis Robotic movement system with motorised lens zoom and an equally smooth turntable base to rotate your product. With your product front and centre, the camera, zoom, turntable and tilt & elevation track combine their movements to produce endless options of engaging photography angles and cinematic videos that show off your products’ best sides.

Increase sales and decrease returns. Video and multiple angles removes customer uncertainty. Product video increases the average time spent on your site, meaning they are more likely to convert and not return the product.

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So why is Eclipse your next content solution?

2.5x more space efficient StyleShoots machines come with built-in lights, computer, software, iPad, camera and more. Compact turnkey solutions that save space in your studio.

4x  more photos everyday Increase daily output of imagery up to four times  compared to a traditional studio setup. Keep feeding all your sales channels with fresh content.

1/10 lower cost per image StyleShoots machines can cut your costs by 5X per image short term and up to 9X over 3 years. For automated video production, it’s up to 20X lower cost

24%+ increase in sales Using StyleShoots machines, brands have managed to increase their sales by 24% on average on an annual basis. For the ones creating video, the gains are even higher.

3 min, not 3 days  The StyleShoots machines automatically record and edit videos of your products. What would normally take up 3 days for editing, takes about 3 min with a StyleShoots machine.

60% decrease in time to web  The automated features in our software  reduce your time-to-web by 60%. From capturing to editing and exporting, the machines handle all the complexity. Your content is ready for the web in minutes.

Up to 90% less training time Our equipment is designed for maximum ease of use. When StyleShoots becomes a part of your studio, new staff can be trained in minutes, not days. So instead of taking courses, they can be creative.