Model Photography & Video on StyleShoots Live

Visual Content plays a huge factor in the success of making a sale and selling a brand experience, especially in today’s hyper-competitive market. With how the world is rapidly changing and how it becomes more competitive with brands popping out left and right, engaging content becomes even more vital.

We’re here to help! Our expert team and stylists are on-hand creating incredible content to help drive traffic, increase sales and improve customer engagement with your brand. So, how did we do it? It’s easy! Here are 5 tips & tricks to easily elevate your model photography & video using StyleShoots Live.


Fashion Campaign photography visual ideas

Fabric backdrops add texture to your images and transform you into a different space. You could get this same effect with any type of material or just a few drop sheets from your local hardware store. Simply hang the sheet on a horizontal pole, bunch it along the edges and let it fall. To create extra layers, scrunch another sheet up and lay it across the floor. Adding different sized plinths or boxes underneath the fabric also creates different heights and platforms for your models to interact with.


Shooting group shots is a great way to show off multiple outfits within a collection. From a selling perspective, it shows how your clothing pieces can be worn together and paired with more than just one outfit. 

Using a group of models in the same shot is also a great way to play with heights and dimension. Female and Male models create those differences and allow you to play with different camera angles and positions. You can also create strong depths of field by positioning your models in front of each other. Having your models interact is also a very engaging and approachable way to show off the product.


Different Lighting evokes emotion. It’s important to pay attention to the type of light you’re capturing in a photo, to make sure that it’s complimenting your subject and enforces your message as strongly as possible. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Consistent lighting: A consistent, well-lit studio is ideal for e-commerce shoots. We want to make sure we provide the consumer with as much detail as possible and an accurate representation of the product type, style and colour.
  • Bright Light: Bright light works well on coloured backdrops, especially those energetic, fun colours like green, blue and yellow.
  • Dark Light: With a dark backdrop, it is interesting to pull the lights down and create a low contrast dark light. This lighting works well for elegant and moody model shoots. Dark light often consoles information from viewers, making the image appear mysterious, ominous and refined.
  • Directional Light: Our Machines have lighting from four different directions. Pulling a few of these back can create different effects like backlighting, side lighting, and frontlighting. Each of these options will highlight and emphasise a different part of the overall subject.


The easiest way to create elevated content is to change up your background colours. Simply hang your coloured paper roll up, roll it down and tape the edges down at the end of the stage. Different colours will arouse different emotions and moods to your viewers, so picking which colour to use is important. Here are a few examples:

  • If you like the sophisticated look of fine art portraits, all you need is a black or dark grey background and to lower your lights. This color backdrop behind a subject will make the portraits both memorable and mysterious at the same time. Put your Model into a black outfit and their expressions and poses stand out more
  • A light grey is a neutral colour and therefore doesn’t distract the viewer from the main subject. Your viewers eye is naturally drawn towards the centre of the image, subtly emphasising the model
  • Brown and yellow tones are the colour of the season! The earthy neutrality gives feelings of comfort, warmth and familiarity
  • Bright colours like Blue, Yellow and Green feel fun, lively and energetic


Not only do props heighten your creative content, but they serve as an invitation to respond to the viewer. They help to evoke emotions, or convey additional information and context about the product. It’s important to remember that props don’t have to be complicated. Give your model a bag, towel, scarf, sunglasses or another type of accessory that they can interact with. Another plus with props like these is that they help your model to be more comfortable in front of the camera by giving them something to do or focus on.