Engaging with Experts: Overdose Digital on Foundations for a New Normal

Introducing our new series, Engaging with Experts. Every week we will be engaging with an expert in their field. We are proud to share our amazing network of experts, who have taken time to share their experiences and knowledge with the hope of helping you build stronger strategies, processes and brand stories.

Today we chat with Paul Pritchard, Group Chief Operating Officer at Overdose Digital. Paul is a digital leader with deep experience in helping businesses grow in the connected world. Throughout his career he has helped businesses embrace technology and the internet to build creative customer experiences; select, implement and connect technology solutions to access data and automate customer communications; develop products and services to transform customer relationships; and, plan for change.

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"Every business is going through phenomenal change and u unknown. No one knows what’s going to happen this year. The way we can go back to focusing on what our baseline is. We’re used to running a trading environment, where week to week we’re focused on moving stock, or having our services employed. That’s changing because the demand is changing. Consumers are now focused on how they can survive an isolation period, what they can do to stay engaged, energised and engaged. "

- Paul Pritchard, Group Chief Operating Officer at Overdose Digital