Opportunity, positivity and change

Join us for the final part of our series with Marc van der Putten, Business Development Manager at STORM.  This week we sit down to talk about how in crisis there is opportunity. See how Marc has supported his customers in the conversion to ecommerce stores while retail is closed.

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About Marc van der Putten and STORM:

Following a 22-year career in digital design, consultancy and management roles you could just about call Marc a digital pioneer in the local market. He has built his career on getting
his hands dirty and constantly reinventing himself as digital has evolved. STORM is a very well-established brand in the NZ market with over 13 years of operational history and a loyal and diverse customer base. Marc’s role encompasses operational activities including digital and marketing communications, contributing to the development of new business and emerging markets. 

"What is the opportunity? We saw a lot of our normal ‘store’ customers that would never go online, converted to ecommerce stores. They needed that product in their life, and the only way they could get it was to shop online. So, that crisis equals opportunity is something I say to my team all the time.."

- Marc van der Putten, Business Development Manager at STORM