StyleShoots Vertical

Upright Ghost Product Photography


The fastest way to get quality ghost mannequin product photography.

It clear cuts ghost images in 15 seconds, allowing you to get all the images you need for your social media channels, lookbooks, website, marketing, visual merchandising and media – fast.

Use StyleShoots Vertical to create high-quality front, side, back and detail shots of garments in a consistent style. Or get creative and use hangers or props to create an engaging series of images to align with any brand guidelines. Anyone can use this iPad-operated machine. Its super-easy user interface allows you to easily adjust brightness and zoom to manage detail and contrast.

Get high-quality ghost photos in seconds.


Watch How StyleShoots Vertical works

StyleShoots Vertical creates instant mannequin product shots for eCommerce with automatic background removal. 


All-in-one design

  • Premium industrial build quality.

  • Includes Canon camera, Rotolight lights and software.

  • Made for busy studios – no wires.

  • Integrates with any infrastructure.


Web-ready photography

  • Lower in-house photography costs.

  • Get quality product shots in one-touch.

  • Simple and quick batch file export.

  • Instant background removal.


The Easiest workflow

  • Give more creative freedom to your stylists.

  • Extremely simple operation.

  • Preview shots in real time via iPad.

  • Style and shoot any type of apparel.


Our StyleShoots Vertical is an elegant, all-in-one design with embedded hardware and software, including:

  • 5 award-winning Rotolight full-spectrum LED lights, which highlight the finer details in your coats, shirts, dresses. Want to change your focus? Manipulate the lights by simply swiping a finger over the iPad’s Live View

  • Acid-etched glass panelling with LED backlighting.

  • An embedded Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a motorized zoom lens

  • Canon 70-200 L lens with motorized zoom

  • Proprietary multi-shot background removal technology – a world first. No more clear cutting!

  • JPG, PNG, TIFF and RAW batch file export

  • Embedded Apple Mac Mini running Auto Alpha™ processing algorithm

  • Apple iPad with iOS StyleShoots app

  • Dimmable LED backlight panel with custom glass black/white diffuser

  • Premium quality canvas canopy

  • Barcode scanner capability via iPad for seamless image coding.

StyleShoots Vertical supports almost every image file format and integrates painlessly with any existing infrastructure so you don’t need to worry about overhauling your IT systems or workflow.



Premium Ghost Mannequins

Now you see them, now you don't. Symbiotic with StyleShoots Vertical, view our magnetic Bodyforms for apparel and accessories that vanish at the snap of a shutter.


Want to see StyleShoots Vertical in action without having to travel? We’d love to run you through how this machine works.