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Ghost Mannequin Imagery at incredible speed

Clear cut mannequin photography

StyleShoots Vertical Machine

The Vertical Machine is your one-stop-shop for ghost mannequin photography. With a dedicated iPad, you can style using the live view, adjust lights, and capture your image with the touch of a button. With live view showing the product, and at the tap of a button, the software and backlit glass work in harmony to clear cut your photo automatically.

Vertical can be used with a range of mannequins customised to work specifically with the machine or adaptable to simply use your own. Our magnetic modular mannequins have sections that detach with ease, making it easy to work with complicated garments. With a built-in barcode scanner naming your images is managed automatically or alternatively key in specific product names of your choice. Our professional series Canon camera and Canon ‘L’ series lens take care of the quality and are controlled via the iPad. Export your files in your choice of file type and size.

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"We saw StyleShoots and immediately knew that was a solution to our daily production needs. With our traditional setup, we were shooting around 80 shots a day. With StyleShoots we can now do upwards of 150. In terms of production, it's been incredible."
- Sam Hunt, lead photographer at Zulily

High-quality ghost mannequin content

Canon EOS with motorised Zoom Lens

Multi-shot background removal technology

LED lights controllable on the iPad

Speed up your photoshoot

The Vertical Machine makes it easy to capture high-quality garment images in a consistent studio photography environment. Get creative with hangers and props to create an engaging series of images for your campaigns and social media content. The super-easy user interface allows you to easily adjust brightness and zoom to manage detail, contrast, and mood. The compact design of the StyleShoots Vertical machine means you can use it in your studio or turn your warehouse into a one-stop spot for shipping and shooting.

Key benefits:

  • Canon EOS with motorised Zoom Lens
  • Proprietary multi-shot background removal technology
  • iPad operated controls and Live View 
  • Rotolight full-spectrum LED lights controllable on the iPad
  • Barcode scanner capability via iPad 
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Need better ghost mannequin images?


More space efficient

Each machine comes with all the complex equipment needed for a traditional photo studio. This includes lights, software, iPad and computers. With a clever footprint and ergonomic design, the StyleShoots Vertical machine is a stylish addition to your shoot space. 


Less cost

Our machines can cut your costs by 5x per image short term and up to 9x over 3 years. For automated video production, it’s up to 20x less expensive. Think about this for a moment. Suddenly, your ghost mannequin photography costs go way down whilst the quality goes way up.


More content

Increase the daily output of imagery up to 4X times compared to a traditional studio setup. Keep feeding all your sales channels with fresh content that is more polished. All our machines integrate seamlessly, so the production quality is guaranteed, meaning your ghost product photography will accelerate effortlessly.

Ghost Mannequins

The perfect additional to your StyleShoots Vertical Machine

Watch your post-production costs nearly disappear. Used by agencies and brands from around the world, our modular mannequins have magnetic, removable parts that give the perfect fit, every time. The Vertical photography machine used in conjunction with our magnetic modular mannequins ensures your photoshoot can be handled by one stylist, cutting out the need for a full professional photography crew. Your photographs will be clearer, and your ghost mannequin photography will look more multi-dimensional.