How ZULILY shoot 9000 products a day with StyleShoots

Zulily is an American e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, that sells clothing, footwear, toys, and home products. See how they powered up their high scale content creation process even further to get thousands of products online every single day. Ghost Mannequin photography for ecommerce, and automatically clear-cut imagery.

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"We are producing about 9,000 new products per day, we need innovation and technology that allows us to move fast while maintaining our quality standards."

- Jason Gruenig, VP of Studio at Zulily

Zulily is one of the fastest growing eCommerce websites in America, made famous due to its members-only flash sale business model aimed at tech-savvy mothers looking to purchase great brands at low prices.

A multi-billion dollar company – having recently been acquired by QVC for $2.4 billion USD – Zulily has built its reputation on quality, affordable brands, and publishing an enormous amount of content. Like clockwork, almost 9,000 new products get put up on its front page each and every day for their 700,000+ daily visitors. This means that a huge amount of products must pass through their warehouse each and every day. A challenge for even the most efficient photography studios. In order to get anywhere close to the level of photographic content required for their daily flash sale model, efficiency in their shooting process is of the most fundamental areas of their business to focus on. It also happens to be one of the hardest challenges for zulily to overcome, so when they came to us for ideas on how to make their already high-speed, high-scale process even better, StyleShoots’ all-in-one photo machines were a natural fit. 

Through incorporating the StyleShoots machines into their workflow, zulily have not only given themselves the tools to get images of their products in front of shoppers quickly – they’ve also empowered themselves with the control and efficiency to scale up their daily offerings even more. Now, according to their studio manager, zulily has saved time that was never before thought possible – leaving themselves more freedom to focus on shooting with style. 

"It's almost as if StyleShoots knew about our unique challenges and created a custom built machine for our needs."

- Jason Gruenig, VP of Studio at Zulily