Social commerce is on the rise and video is your opportunity.

According to Shopify, sales through social media are expected to nearly triple by 2025. From TikTok to Instagram, YouTube and more, the typical social media user now spends about 15% of their waking life scrolling.

With 46% of consumers wanting to watch videos before they buy (shopify), it’s no surprise that video that has become the key to unlocking engagement, reach and sales. Leading brands are utilising social first video approaches like BTS, livestreams, video consultations, Q&A’s and more. It gives your brand the opportunity to engage with your audiences in ways that are not possible through an ecommerce store. It’s fast paced, raw and constantly evolving to better your brands creative opportunities. 

So, how do you do it?

1. Be relatable and relevant

Choose the relevant social channels for your audience and create the content that resinates with them the most. People want to see and understand your brand from a more personal perspective. Be real! Show raw footage and BTS of your processes and day-to-day life at work. Be relatable. 

2. Use video

Go Live and create video using your iPhone, not everything has to be polished. Combine this with high-quality product video and you have the perfect recipe for success.

3. Be consistent

Create a consistent experience for your customer across every channel. Become recognisable and define your brand identity. 

4. Get creative

Experiment and test new ideas of visually showcasing your brand story. Be individual and produce content at a high quality. Collaborate with creators, brands and influences, even use customer generated content.

Stay ahead of the game.

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