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Social media continues to grow and with that social commerce is quickly becoming a vital channel for retailers. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok provide access to huge markets, markets that consumers are using more than ever before. Generation Z currently spends 2-3 times more shopping time on social channels than the average consumer. This generation is quickly becoming the largest consumer generation on the planet (source). Adding to that, there are 1.47 billion daily active users on Facebook alone, the preferred shopping platform for Generation X.

So how does your business preform successfully online? The answer is content. We’ve pulled together five tips that will help you nail social commerce:


4:5 ratio photography on-model
ratio 2:3 photography for model in studio
Model male photography and video services

Our Live and Eclipse machines offer the ratios required for successful and easy uploading to social channels. If you are able to identify which ratio best suits your desired digital platform, you can shoot, export and upload without undergoing any post production or distortion issues. 9:16 is the ratio for all of your ‘stories’. Instagram stories, Facebook stories and more recently Linkedin stories. It is also perfect if you’re wanting to upload the videos directly to TikTok or Snapchat. 4:5 is your Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in-feed setting.

To read more about ratios you can read our guide here 

All of our machines also offer the ability to set a specific dimension on export. Knowing that Instagram best supports images sized to 1080px, means you can export to exactly that size. Send the images straight to your mobile and you can upload within seconds.


Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

With millennial and Generation Z turning to platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, short-form video content is rapidly becoming the most dominant form of online content. 91% of consumers prefer interactive or visual content such as video, and the internet video traffic is expected to have a compound annual growth rate increase of 33% from 2017 to 2022 (source).

Using video as a medium to market your business is no longer a “nice to have” but more of a “must have.” As social platforms continue to mature and develop new, creative ways to showcase video, consumers’ view times will increase and there’ll be more opportunities for marketers to grab their attention in this video-first world.  Our technology is key to taking advantage of these opportunities. Our Eclipse and Live machines have incredible built-in technology that make video capture a breeze. Shoot your videos at the same time as your stills, consistently and at a high-quality every season.

  • Instantly-edited
    Our advanced technology will handle all the technical duties. Your videos will be automatically edited together, including tilts, cuts and pans. Save them once, and the machine will deliver consistent results every time you shoot. 
  • No Post Production Required
    The consistent background and accurate colour matching means that there is no requirement for post production. Your videos can be shot, exported and ready to upload within minutes.
  • Live View
    The Live view allows you to see your final outcomes in real-time.
  • Colour Accuracy
    The powerful Canon DSLR cameras deliver accurate colours. With your stills and video all shot on the same set, they will always match. These accurate product representations give your customers consistent experiences, whilst building trust and reducing return rates.

See some of the video examples here


Visual Content plays a huge factor in the success of making a sale and selling a brand experience on social media. With the world rapidly changing and becoming more competitive with brands popping out left and right, engaging content becomes even more vital.

Our technology gives you complete creative freedom. They are customisable stages. Add backdrops and flooring, hang fabric, elevate products, add props and more. The camera and lighting are controlled completely by an iPad. Experiment with different lighting settings, manual exposure settings and more. You can also move the camera angle, height and zoom to capture the perfect look.

Click here to see more about what creative possibilities you can achieve on our Live and Eclipse machines.


BTS photograph of photography automation machine StyleShoots
StyleShoots Automation machines BTS image
StyleShoots Vertical Machine

Save time. By confessing a photo and video studio into one machine, and adding software that handles the majority of your post production, means the speed and efficiency of your photoshoots are unparalleled. 

Touch controlled lights and camera mean there is no need to run between different sets or to change your set up. With a fluid interface that allows you to have a complete live view of your shoot, you only need to style and direct your models. Simply press the capture button and your content is ready for instant review. Make selects as you go and within minutes your videos and stills are formatted to your preset style, ratio and dimensions; all you need to do is upload.

Our machines were designed to condense the production workflow and put control in the hands of your creatives. Click here to learn more.


Play Video

Getting the basics right will always help you compete in retail. The easiest way to create a better brand experience is to present consistent and accurate content. Doing this helps customers understand what your product does, showcases it in its best light and sets you up for success. 

Images with the same framings, lighting and angles will create a more professional look. Not only does it look better, but it helps you customer shop with certainty and less distraction. 

  • Colour accuracy
    The powerful Canon DSLR cameras deliver accurate colours. Plus with your stills and video all shot on the same set, they will always match. Combined, these accurate product representations give your customers consistent experiences, whilst building trust and reducing return rates.
  • Saved presets
    Set up your presets and press save! Lighting, framings and zoom are saved for all future visits. Replicate the exact set-up season to season
  • Instantly-edited videos and stills
    Our advanced technology means the machine will handle all the technical duties. Your videos will always be edited the same way, timing and framings are always consistent with no post production required.

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