Providing outstanding technology for everyday retail.

Profoto StyleShoots™ Live Machine

For large product and model content, this machine performs all technical duties at the touch of a button.

Profoto StyleShoots™ Vertical Machine

Decrease editing time and lift production with magnetic modular mannequins and clear-cut ghost photography.

Profoto StyleShoots™ Eclipse Machine

For 360° small product photography, video solutions and creative set design all in one machine.

Profoto StyleShoots™ Horizontal Machine

The intuitive flat lay photography machine that produces studio-quality images that are automatically clear-cut.

Plan & Create

Build planograms for your stores in 2D or 3D. Manage all brand assets in one place and optimise placement.


Share adapted guidelines to market and stores, execute your strategy faster and enhance in-store experience.


Optimise store implementation, analyse data and develop strategies to plan your next campaigns.

Retail Consultancy

Our omnichannel experts and automation technology work together to bring you a full retail experience.

Your exclusive channel partner for StyleShoots™ and Visual Retailing.

Automate your ecommerce studio and install fully-integrated retail software for visual merchandising, store planning and compliance.

Our suite of StyleShoots™ machines brings innovation and simplicity to professional photography. Engaging studio-quality imagery and video is created at the touch of a button. Pair this with our 2D and 3D visual merchandising software and streamline your entire retail process. LookDepot provides Australasia with these world leading solutions to enable your business to reach new heights.

Stay informed -

"We’ve been working closely with LookDepot and the team on the installation and operation of the Profoto StyleShoots™ Eclipse and Horizontal and have been overjoyed at the support, knowledge and guidance the team have provided in helping us elevate our eCommerce Photography and Video capabilities to the next level."
- Bryn Stone, Digital Operations Manager at Accent Group