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Female Model in black dress shot by StyleShoots Live Machine at LookDepot

StyleShoots & Visual Retailing Technology

StyleShoots Live Machine

Large product and on-model photography and video

StyleShoots Eclipse Machine

360 small product photography and video

StyleShoots Horizontal Machine

Automatically clear cut flat lay photography

StyleShoots Vertical Machine

Automatically clear cut ghost mannequin photography

Visual Merchandising Software - MockShop

In-store visual merchandising compliance and communication.

Visual Merchandising Software - ShopShape

3D visual merchandising software and product range analysis

Visual Merchandising Software - SampleRoom

Digital showroom and range planning tool

Retail Consultancy

Our team of omnichannel and retail experts

"StyleShoots only takes up the space of one traditional set, and we can shoot the equivalent of three traditional sets in the same time"
Kent Fleming, Director of Media Services at PureRED

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