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Automate your ecommerce studio and install fully-integrated retail software for visual merchandising, store planning and compliance.

Our suite of StyleShoots machines brings innovation and simplicity to professional photography. Engaging studio-quality imagery and video is created at the touch of a button. Pair this with MockShop, ShopShape and SampleRoom to streamline your retail processes. LookDepot provides Australasia with these world leading photography solutions and visual merchandising software to enable your business to reach new heights.

StyleShoots Live Machine

For large product and model photography and video, this machine performs all technical photoshoot duties at the touch of a button. This professional photography equipment is user-friendly, giving you access to customised lighting, sets, and automated editing in your space, at your pace.

StyleShoots Vertical Machine

Decrease your editing time and lift your production with automated clear-cut ghost mannequin photography. The StyleShoots Vertical machine utilises Canon professional photography equipment and pairs it with magnetic modular mannequins, enabling smart shooting solutions across any garment type.

StyleShoots Eclipse Machine

360° small product photography and video that exports to you fully formatted. Access backdrops and style features built into smart ergonomics with ecommerce studio size in mind. The Eclipse machine brings you product photography solutions, including colour accuracy, auto-editing, and multiple image and video output formats.

StyleShoots Horizontal Machine

Automatically clear-cut flat lay photography delivers images from a table set that can be customised, cutting your space requirements, and speeding up image production. The Horizontal machine is intuitive, allowing your stylist to produce studio-quality images at the touch of a button.

Visual Merchandising Software - MockShop

MockShop is a revolutionary way to approach your retail floor. This software allows you to standardise processes across multiple locations by creating virtual stores with accurate data. Access easy feedback loops and implement streamlined communications across all your stores.

Visual Merchandising Software - ShopShape

This 3D visual merchandising software and product range analysis delivers clarity to your teams. Utilise ShopShape to access real-time information from the shop floor, check compliance, and increase strategic planning data. Accelerate engagement and build rapport by simplifying data sharing.

Visual Merchandising Software - SampleRoom

A digital showroom and range planning tool that provides a three-dimensional way to collect and analyse product data without leaving your desk.This technology refines catalogue production and provides smarter targeted buying opportunities.

Retail Consultancy

Our team of omnichannel experts work alongside our automation solutions and visual merchandising software to bring you a full package retail experience. LookDepot will teach you how to integrate technology into your workflow and ensure your retail offering remains cutting edge.

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"We’ve been working closely with LookDepot and the team on the installation and operation of the StyleShoots Eclipse and Horizontal and have been overjoyed at the support, knowledge and guidance the team have provided in helping us elevate our eCommerce Photography and Video capabilities to the next level."
- Bryn Stone, Digital Operations Manager at Accent Group

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