The exclusive channel partner for StyleShoots and MockShop.

Automation tools for ecommerce studios and fully-integrated retail technology for store-planning, visual merchandising, and in-store compliance.

Produce engaging studio-quality images and video with the StyleShoots machine range, bringing innovation and simplicity to professional photography equipment. Our MockShop software is used to streamline your retail processes with a comprehensive virtual model of your stores that allows you to always keep your business at your fingertips. Elegant product photography solutions and visual merchandising software to drive your online content and retail business to the next level.

StyleShoots Live Machine

StyleShoots Live is designed for model and large product photography and video, performing all the traditional photography elements at the touch of a button. Designed with the user in mind, access to custom lighting, sets and automated editing is right in front of you.

StyleShoots Vertical Machine

Dramatically decrease your post production time and increase production with our automated clear-cut ghost mannequin machine. The combination of Canon’s professional photography equipment and magnetic modular mannequins, smart photography has reached new heights.

StyleShoots Eclipse Machine

Made for your small products, this smart ecommerce studio creates 360° product photography and video automatically edited and formatted to your specific requirements. The Eclipse machine is your product photography solution, ensuring colour accuracy, auto-editing, and multiple image and video output formats.

StyleShoots Horizontal Machine

Designed to be at working height, styling is made easy with the Horizontal Machine. Automatically clear-cut flat lay photography delivers high-quality imagery exported and ready-to-upload within seconds. This product photography equipment is intuitive, allowing your stylist to produce studio-quality images at the touch of a button.

MockShop - Visual Merchandising Software

Our visual merchandising communication tools exist to streamline your communication and retail compliance. Customise multiple locations and store sizes easily with virtual store tools and professional product images produced by StyleShoots technology. Access easy feedback loops and implement consistent communication from head office to retail stores.

ShopShape - Visual Merchandising Software

Deliver clear visual merchandising guidelines to your retail teams with this 3D software. ShopShape gives you access to real-time information on the shop floor, ability to ensure compliance, and increase strategic planning data. Accelerate engagement and build rapport by simplifying data sharing with store managers.

SampleRoom - Visual Merchandising Software

SampleRoom is your digital showroom and range planning tool that turns data visual. It’s a three-dimensional way to collect and analyse your product ranges without leaving your desk. Preview products, create storyboards and build separate ranges. This software refines catalogue production and provides smarter targeted buying opportunities.

Retail Consultancy

LookDepot has years of retail experience. Our software, technology and expert team bring you consultancy services that grow your business, support your journeys and supercharge your processes.

"We’ve been working closely with LookDepot and the team on the installation and operation of the StyleShoots Eclipse and Horizontal and have been overjoyed at the support, knowledge and guidance the team have provided in helping us elevate our eCommerce Photography and Video capabilities to the next level."
- Bryn Stone, Digital Operations Manager at Accent Group

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