Case Study: Accent Group

How Accent Group scaled their ecommerce photography operations With over 500 stores, 19 brands and over 20 online platforms, Accent Group’s need for content is huge. We spoke to Christina Lawson, eCommerce Photography Manager about how working with LookDepot has helped increase business efficiencies. What were the business requirements when looking to partner with LookDepot? […]

Say goodbye to free returns, and hello to a better ecommerce experience

The big issue of free returns Most of us are guilty of it – buying clothes online in two to three different sizes because we don’t know which one will fit, or buying multiple outfit options for one evening – because we know we can take advantage of free return policies and easily send back […]

Take your visual merchandising to the next level

Take your visual merchandising to the next level Visual merchandising can be resource-heavy; both in staff time and budget. Never fear; the days of spending hours on visual merchandising are in the past. Learn how LookDepot, along with our cutting-edge merchandising platform partner, IWD, will help you digitise and streamline your visual merchandising processes, simplify […]

Elevate your fashion photography with creative flat lays

Elevate your fashion photography with creative flat lays Engaging imagery plays a big part in today’s hyper-competitive consumer fashion market. Using professional flat lay photography, you’ll capture the intricate details of your beautifully designed garments, and produce eye-catching images that will boost your sales. The benefits of flat lay photography A strong visual identity contributes […]

Video is your #1 Opportunity

Your biggest opportunity is video Traditional content creation processes can often struggle to create the breadth and depth of assets needed to feed your digital channels. Your ecommerce store and social media platforms are more content hungry than ever before. Consumers have voracious appetites for storytelling, fresh content and something completely “new”. In order to […]

Two in one

Increase sales and decrease returns. High-quality, accurate and well styled ecommerce content will increase sales, reduce returns and amplify brand loyalty and confidence with your consumers. Pair this with unique creative storytelling and you create the perfect visual experience.  Our StyleShoots Live is a customisable arena. The ease and speed of creating is unparalleled by […]

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