Analyse store performance

Does your merchandising strategy actually work?

Now that your strategy is implemented in store, can you see the results for the improvements made? If not, IWD is your solution. Constructing your sales reports with IWD will allow you to show calculated and visual analysis to formulate actionable intel for your next merchandising cycle. Efficiently develop recommendations to anticipate your customers’ next moves and deliver the right offers in the right place.


– Prepare your next merchandising cycle

– Increase profitability

– Track KPIS

– Analyze competitors’ activity

Optimise store implementation

Receive photos from all stores and oversee execution in real time. Approve, support, and identify best practices to stimulate the teams. Integrate sales data to visually analyze shelf, fixture or store zone sales performance.

– Feedback on guidelines

– Viewable competitors and store environment

Analyse data and develop strategies

Use sales data and analytics to plan your next campaigns and impact customers’ next basket size. Efficiently and effectively develop strategies that enhance your brand visibility on the market. Use the IWD platform as a retail negotiation tool with retailers.  

– Sales data for analysis  

– Product level, category level, shelf level or store zone data

– Heat map (red: hot spots, blue: cold zones)