Communicate with Retail Teams & Monitor VM in Real Time

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Communicate with teams & Monitor VM

ShopShape - Your Visual Merchandising Software

ShopShape is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution to help you save time and improve your retail compliance and execution. Visual merchandising planning is made easy with ShopShape software. Communicate easily with your in-store teams and monitor merchandising in real-time to ensure store-to-store consistency. View all the data from your stores on one dashboard. Remove uncertainty as you build your most streamlined retail offering ever, collaborate with precision, and increase dynamic flow across all your reporting.

Compliance begins with communication and ShopShape is the cutting edge software to make it easy. Designed to open up a new clear sightline for everyone, all staff will be able to see retail floor plans visually and accurately on a platform that shows live changes, tests and updated stock levels. ShopShape will carry your information so you can focus on building the creative and visual aspects. 

Imagine that your menswear department has sold out of all blue pinstriped shirts. Head offices can get in touch with their retail stores and provide a visual aid to show the replacement for that section, how many of that item will fit in the area, and how much of the stock is available. ShopShape transparency then allows your other stores to see what product is moving. All this data is available on your planogram merchandiser, so your visual merchandising planning has become instantly more streamlined and collaborative.

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“We do it faster, and we deliver a better experience to our customers. That plays a part in our sales and our performance as a business.”
- Mark Matthews, Senior Director Retail, Supply & Central Operations at ASDA George

Visual Merchandising software that's simple to use

  • Highly intuitive interface
  • Simply create new guidelines by dragging & dropping
  • Two-way communication enables easy and fast feedback
  • Save on travel costs to stores

Get everyone on board

  • Easy communication to keep all staff informed
  • Feedback creates a collaborative dynamic between HQ & stores
  • Individual stores can share each others photos
  • Share great stories and images uploaded from leading stores

Makes management and visual retailing easy

  • Share real time VM information with your stores
  • Tell all staff one thing, one time
  • Share your vision of how stores should look
  • Help store managers create the best customer environment

ShopShape works for you.

Visual Merchandisers

  • Send store-related guidelines and planograms directly to in-store teams
  • Monitor execution and recieve visual feedback instantly
  • Measure the effectiveness of your visual merchandising

Retail & Planners

  • View the in-store execution of your product ranges and collections
  • Get an overview of your store compliance data in one dashboard
  • Improve cross functional team collaboration


  • Communicate with in-store teams and see exactly how signage looks
  • Maintain a more consistent brand and customer experience across all stores
  • Instantly see the impact of your campaigns in the field


  • Monitor and improve the compliance of your stores using questionnaires
  • Motivate teams using ranked store data
  • Achieve better “sell through” and less markdowns through better customer experience from improved execution 

Visual Merchandising planning & guidelines to stores

With ShopShape you can send store related planograms and visual merchandising guidelines straight from head office to your field teams.

  • Full MockShop integration
  • Simple, easy planogram creation
  • Clear store-related merchandising guidelines

Improve compliance through communication

ShopShape’s intuitive interface and visual merchandising planning tools  allow you to visually and verbally communicate with your stores, spot errors, fix problems and share stories

  • Instant feedback on retail execution
  • Messaging in one cloud platform
  • Send in-store photos to HQ and Regional Office

Audit your stores and centralise your data

Monitor and send questionnaires to your stores on KPIs like: customer journey, brand retail standards and health and safety regulations

  • Receive standardised store visit reports
  • Track data from all stores in one platform
  • Rate your stores with interactive questionnaires

Put knowledge at your staff's fingertips

Give your store teams access to company updates, training manuals, and trips to empower self-learning.

  • Create an easy-access knowledge base
  • Easily upload PDF’s, videos and more
  • Share internal news and updates