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Flat Lay content at the touch of a button

Your flat lay photography solution.

StyleShoots Horizontal Machine

For those products best shown from above, the Horizontal Machine is your flat lay photography solution. A large table capable of flat lay photography for products measuring up to 1110 x 1650mm and surrounded by colour balanced and software-controlled LED lights. The imaging is taken care of with the built-in professional series Canon camera and Canon ‘L’ series lens. The backlit glass bed works in conjunction with the software to automatically create perfectly clear cut photos.

Like all our other machines, the dedicated iPad and software allow for a painless operating experience so the stylist can focus on the product. Overlays can be saved, allowing consistency every time within your product or fashion flat lay. With the ability to save custom presets and export files to any number of file formats and sizes, the process from capture to upload is seamless. The software will even apply custom digital shadows to ground your products with complete control over blur, opacity, and offset if desired.

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"Using the StyleShoots technology enables us to shoot the equivalent of what we would have done on three traditional sets in the same amount of time. We're always trying to create the most efficient processes, because honestly efficiency is what saves money."
- Kent Flemming, Director of Media Services at PureRED

Flat lays just reached new heights

Multi-shot background removal technology with no visible cutouts 

iPad operated controls and live view to make content creation more streamlined

Barcode scanner capability that automatically catalogues your products

Speed up your studio photography

No more flat lay photographs styled on the floor; this is horizontal photography made easy. StyleShoots Horizontal Machine has been designed to create all of the flat lay clothing photography you need, with little to no post-production required. The automatic background removal and ergonomic height of the machine allow your team and stylists to comfortably increase output and elevate quality, a less taxing process that ensures efficient image production throughout the day. Take care of your staff while taking care of your customers.

Key benefits:

  • Canon EOS camera zoom is iPad controlled for easy shooting.
  • Software to automatically clear cut all images
  • Touch controls and live view to make horizontal photography more streamlined
  • Rotolight full-spectrum LED lights controllable on the iPad
  • QR and code scanner to automatically catalogues your products
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How can Horizontal help you?


More space efficient

StyleShoots flat lay photography machines come with built-in lights, computer, software, iPad, camera, and more compact turnkey solutions that save space in your studio. The built-in Canon EOS shifts automatically according to your preset instructions, accelerating flow by reducing the need to reset angles.


More photos captured every day

More content is captured every single day with automation. It’s fast, efficient and includes software that automatically catalogues all of your files. Feed your digital channels with fresh content constantly, across social media platforms and your online store.


Lower cost per image

We’ve seen out customers cut costs by nine times in over three years. If you include video production, our technology is twenty times less expensive. Scan in your item barcode and instantly create highly organised tracking. This gives you more control over time, space, and your shoot budget.