Smart StyleShoots Solutions

Accelerating consumer demand means businesses need to create more content faster and better than ever before. Engaging your retail and ecommerce audience with our StyleShoots solutions. These automated photo booth machines support creation with excellent software that will blow your current processes out of the water. User friendly and equipped with Canon cameras and Apple iPads, these photoshoot studios enable your in-house team to produce, style and create product photographs within seconds. 

StyleShoots Live Machine

Large product and model photography and video is automated. StyleShoots Live is the photobooth providing a user-friendly, full crew experience for the amateur user. The ability to feed your channels faster engages your consumers and keeps them interested in your products. Customise the set by adding backdrops and flooring. Experiment with lighting at the touch of a button and enjoy watching the machine handle all the complexities of editing, formatting and sizing your images for you.

StyleShoots Eclipse Machine

It’s streamlined photography and video solutions for your small product photography. StyleShoots Eclipse allows your in-house ecommerce studio to produce content faster, more efficiently and better than your traditional set ups. The easy-to-use photo booth utilises Canon technology and built in software to produce imagery your social media and in-store POS that requires little to no post production. Get in touch today for 360-degree small product photography and video that comes to you fully formed. 

StyleShoots Vertical Machine

Paired with magnetic modular mannequins that come apart to create the perfect fit for any garment. Our StyleShoots technology has built in iPads and Canon cameras to provide high-quality, consistent results produced at the touch of a button. The backlit glass and software work in combination to automatically clear cut your images within seconds. Change it up and style a creative handing shot, experiment with multiple backdrops and change up the lighting to create a portfolio of dramatically different looks. 

StyleShoots Horizontal Machine

Designed to slot right into your ecommerce studio, this machine delivers flat lay photography for all your online platforms. The table top is at working height with an attached iPad showing a live view as your style. Adjust your products in real-time to achieve the perfect look. This intuitive technology works with backlit glass to automatically clear cut your flat lay images providing your ecommerce platform with no background images at a high-quality. The StyleShoots Horizontal machine gives you access to elegant content creation solutions that show your products in their best light.

"We’ve been working closely with LookDepot and the team on the installation and operation of the StyleShoots Eclipse and Horizontal and have been overjoyed at the support, knowledge and guidance the team have provided in helping us elevate our eCommerce Photography and Video capabilities to the next level."
- Bryn Stone, Digital Operations Manager at Accent Group

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