The Eclipse Machine
Push your creative boundaries

StyleShoots Eclipse -

Push your creative boundaries

Meet StyleShoots Eclipse - Your 360 photography and video solution.

This compact photo booth is your all-in-one solution for product photography and video. Equipped with touch controlled lighting, a Canon EOS camera, powerful Mac and iPad, content creation has never been more user-friendly. Comfort and set design flexibility were front of mind during the design and build of Eclipse. Access to change backdrops and props can be done from any angle as all the doors will open as needed. The ergonomic working height and compact size make it the perfect addition to your studio. The seamless workflow automates your production processes and supercharges your daily output. Assets can be captured at any angle with the 4 axes of camera movement and 360 degree turntable. With both controlled by the attached iPad, Eclipse will record and auto-edit your videos, format your stills and export ready to upload files within seconds.

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"Using the Eclipse machine has allowed us to create a customer experience that’s seamless across all our online platforms. From our social channels to ecommerce, we have an experience that’s enriched with content, video and imagery."
- Kim Faiga, general Manager at YY Nation

Product Photography Solutions for ecommerce

Your all-in-one photography solution

Designed with accessibility, safety and flexibility in mind, the Eclipse is at working height and accessible from every angle. All doors can be opened and closed, inviting you to easily adjust products, experiment with creative backdrops, sets and props. There has never been a content creation solution that is this user-friendly. 

Key benefits:

  • 4-axis camera movement and turntable for capture at every angle
  • Top camera for accurate product positioning
  • Canon DSLR camera for consistent and accurate colour representations
  • iPad operated user-friendly software
  • Customisable templates can be saved for all future shoots
  • Accelerated output and accelerated quality

The professional standard produced by StyleShoots Eclipse will blow you away. The high-quality results are consistent and are colour accurate. Your customer will experience the product online exactly as they would in person. The customisable templates and lighting can be saved to create standard practices for different products. Doing this accelerates your outputs and ensures brand consistency every time you shoot. Put the machine into “sequence mode” and let the machine move to all your framings and shoot for you. You don’t have to lift a finger. Style and prepare the next product while Eclipse shoots away. 

Choose your export options and deliver automatically sized and compressed assets to your device within seconds. Small imagery and video can be sent and uploaded for social media, and at the same time larger files can be exported for digital signage and other marketing purposes.

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How can Eclipse help you?


More likely to buy with video

Visitors to your ecommerce store are more likely to purchase a product after seeing a supporting video compared to those who only saw imagery.


More photos produced daily

Using StyleShoots technology gives you the ability to consistently feed your digital channels and to supercharge your daily output when compared to a traditional set up. 


Less training time

Designed for maximum ease of use, the software and technology can be operated by anyone. You don’t have to be a professional and can be trained in just minutes.