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Your 360 photography and video solution.

StyleShoots Eclipse Machine

An all-in-one turnkey studio photography setup equipped with lighting, Canon EOS camera, powerful Mac, and an iPad with integrated, user-friendly software. Created with comfort and set design flexibility in mind, Eclipse allows you full access to change backdrops and props quickly. The ergonomic working height and the compact size of the machine make it the perfect addition to your ecommerce studio. The seamless Eclipse workflow automates your content production process and allows you to supercharge your daily output. Capture every angle with the 4 axes of robotic camera movement. Eclipse will record and auto-edit your video and still life images, exporting ready-to-upload files within minutes.

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"Using the Eclipse machine has allowed us to create a customer experience that’s seamless across all our online platforms. From our social channels to ecommerce, we have an experience that’s enriched with content, video and imagery."
- Kim Faiga, General Manager at YY Nation.

Step up your small product game.

4-axis camera movement and turntable for capture at every angle

Top camera for accurate and consistent product positioning

Canon DSLR camera for accurate colour representations

Your all-in-one photography and video solution.

Eclipse was designed with accessibility, safety, and flexibility in mind. Its countertop working height and compact footprint allow for easy access. All doors fully open, inviting you to freely experiment with set designs, or just make a quick adjustment. There has never been a content creation solution that is this user-friendly. StyleShoots Eclipse brings AI intuition to the table.

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Key benefits:

  • 4-axis camera movement and turntable for capture at every angle
  • Top camera for accurate product positioning
  • iPad operated user-friendly software
  • Templates can be saved for consistency shoot to shoot 
  • Accelerated output and accelerated quality

The Eclipse machine heralds a new professional standard for photography and video content creation. A single user can take control of all the production aspects, so now you can create professional content magic at your in-house studio. Create standard practices for targeted products, and accelerate your output.

With StyleShoots Eclipse, you can produce upwards of 500 photos and 100 cinematic quality videos every day. The floor has a turntable to hit every angle and matt interior surfaces provide the perfect soft lighting environment. The 360-degree product photo booth shoots from below, as well as above, capturing the detail of your product in new ways.

Preset the angles you require for your photoshoot and let the Eclipse Machine run through all the shots you need. The machine automatically moves the camera—you don’t need to lift a finger once you hit start. Choose different settings for social media platforms or create campaigns for your eCommerce stores that roll out with standardised settings. 

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90 days


Creating high-quality imagery is more affordable than you think. By investing in a StyleShoots machine, you will start saving time and money instantly in your content production. Some of our customers have seen an ROI in 90 days.


Less time to web

The automated features in our software  reduce your time-to-web by 60%. From capturing to editing and exporting, the machines handle all the complexity. Your content is ready for the web in minutes.

3 mins

Quick content creation

The StyleShoots machines automatically record and edit videos of your products. What would normally take up 3 days for editing, takes about 3 min with a StyleShoots machine.