Visual Retailing Software Solutions

LookDepot has intelligent 2D and 3D technology software that works to elevate your retail stock systems. These visual merchandising software solutions will streamline communication and simplify in-store compliance across all your retail stores. You can now access these time-saving resources through LookDepot for your buying team, merchandisers, store managers, and more. These are cutting-edge software solutions that put the visual back into visual merchandising. You can now build a 2D or 3D virtual store, then edit your product placement with incredible graphic clarity. Plan an entire range, shift a rack, move a shoe, hang a bag on a different hook, all without leaving your seat.

Plan and create guidelines

Build planograms for your stores in 2D or 3D. Manage all brand assets in one place and optimise product placement.

Execute in-store directives

Ensure field staff implements guidelines and promotions correctly so that your stores appear and perform the way you intend them to.

Analyse store performance

Optimise store implementation, analyse data and develop strategies to plan your next campaigns and impact customers’ next basket size

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