StyleShoots Live -

Your completely customisable arena

Your model and large product content solution.

StyleShoots Live Machine

Your model and large product content solution. Create stunning, on-model photography and video in minutes, all with a single all-in-one studio photography setup. High-quality video and incredible stills, all created with ease and speed. Keep your audience engaged with a constant stream of model shots, set designs, and engaging content across all of your channels. Within minutes, export auto-edited, formatted video, and stills. All ready for eCommerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and signage. It’s fast-moving content for fast-moving products. By condensing a photo and video studio into one machine, the speed and efficiency of your own photography and video shoots is unparalleled. The machine works alongside your stylist and your videos are auto-edited on the fly, instantly ready for review.

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"Content drives sales. Using the Live machine allows us to create content that feeds all our digital channels. We achieve 85% of our content needs in one place. That solves a lot of problems for us because it's fast and it's always consistent."
- Marc van der Putten, Business Development Manager at STORM

Fast studio photography & video content at your fingertips.

High-CRI LED panels controllable with the iPad light control feature

Canon DSLR camera for consistent colour across video and stills

Customisable templates can be saved for all future shoots

Studio photography made easy

StyleShoots Live takes care of the technical stuff so your live-action photography can reflect the fun part. Elevate your Instagram and your eCommerce shop now with simple live photography solutions and export across multiple formats and easily share across all of your teams.

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Key benefits:

  • 3-axis camera head & imaging system 
  • High-CRI LED panels controllable with the unique light control feature
  • Canon DSLR camera for consistent and accurate colour representations
  • iPad operated user-friendly software
  • Customisable templates can be saved for all future shoots

Unlock the iPad and the Live machine is activated, the model is given easy movement instructions, and your live-action photography is captured to create great videos for instant viewing. Get up close with your models, rectify issues on the fly, and achieve better shots in less time. With an instant review of your footage and a simpler studio environment, stylists and creatives can work closely with your models and products to get the perfect footage. From editorial fashion photography and creative set designs to crisp eCommerce content, StyleShoots Live is your customisable arena.
Your model stands inside the machine, there is enough space to set up fans, capture movement, and create your best-ever live model content for your social media and eCommerce platforms.
All your professional live-action photography can now be captured onsite; engage your customers with more dynamic content captured faster. 

So, what do you get out of it?


More space

With built-in lights, computer, software iPad, camera, and more, this compact solution saves space in your studios. This is live model photography pared back, but better quality. Turn your warehouse into a store, shoot, and ship hub, with StyleShoots Live.


Reduced returns

Website visitors are 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video compared to those who are only shown a still image. Additionally, video improves brand loyalty and trust with an accurate and real representation of the product.


Less training time

Designed for maximum ease of use, the equipment allows new users to be trained in minutes, not days. Lights, camera and all other technical elements are iPad controlled, allowing you to capture at the touch of a button. It’s that simple.