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LookDepot has intelligent 3D technology software that works to elevate your retail stock systems. These visual merchandising software solutions will streamline communication and simplify in-store compliance across all your retail stores. You can now access these time-saving resources through LookDepot for your buying team, merchandisers, store managers, and more. These are cutting-edge software solutions that put the visual back into visual merchandising. You can now build a 3D virtual store, then edit your product placement with incredible graphic clarity. Plan an entire range, shift a rack, move a shoe, hang a bag on a different hook, all without leaving your seat.

A revolutionary way to keep track of your retail ranges: add virtual stock to ranges to see how it sits alongside your current offering, plan your floor set up, and use these visual merchandising solutions to always keep an eye on the big picture. Sample Room, MockShop, and ShopShape, alongside the StyleShoots machine range, streamline your processes with cutting-edge and simple AI technology. The future of retail visual merchandising is here now, and it’s better than you imagined. 


MockShop is a merchandising software solution that creates a 3D virtual store that you can customise across all your locations. Backend data and true colour stunning imagery from StyleShoots Horizontal can be imported, all barcode filed. Alter your store from your seat, user-friendly visual merchandising solutions have arrived.


ShopShape streamlines retail data management, and all of your stores are addressed from one user-friendly dashboard. It enables the delivery of clear visual merchandising solutions, range planning guidelines, and compliance questionnaires. Access streamlined solutions on the cloud-based system to save time and remove any guesswork.


A visual merchandising solution designed for buyers and sales teams alike. Preview ranges and create stunning storyboards for your staff and customers. Access a 3D visual representation of your backroom, allowing you to manage changes, plan ahead, and enable a smooth wholesale sell-in process.

“It came from a process of looking at how do we get closer to the customer and how do we make it simpler for our colleagues... the tool that we thought gave us the best scope for now and for the future - was the Visual Retailing tools.”
- Mark Matthews, Senior Director of Retail at ASDA George

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